As our escort agency’s client, you enjoy access to a delightful new world, reserved for true gentlemen only. You will experience one of the world's best-kept secrets and will meet the kind of women you have always dreamed of. We willintroduce you to first-class courtesans, well-known models, miss contest participants and real supermodels – the kindyou'll find nowhere else. You will surely be more than satisfied by the high level of quality we provide – ultimate service guaranteed.
We try to offer our models the prospect of a brief professional career. For most of our models, this occupation is only a part–time activity which they do purely for pleasure. They don't sit around, waiting for the next date to come along. However, bookings at short notice can be made possible, , depending on the model’s availability. Some escorts decide to become full-time courtesans; they do so because they want to, not because they have to – they simply enjoy the extravagant lifestyle and the interesting experiences. But there are a few differences between a full-time courtesan and a typical escort: A courtesan doesn't take many clients and provides a superior level of service compared to a common escort.

Our escort models:

  • ... are available all over Switzerland as well as internationally
  • ... attach great importance to hygiene and absolute discretion
  • ... do the things they enjoy – at no extra charge
  • ... kiss ardently and have great pleasure in passion
  • ... have incredibly beautiful faces and desirable bodies
  • ... all have warm and friendly personalities
Our selected clientele belongs to the cream of high society, nationally and internationally. We have earned a reputation for being one of the best escort agencies not only in Switzerland but also in Europe; our service has set the ‘gold standard’ in the escort business.

Our reputation is built on our commitment to deliver top quality and the best service possible as well as on our philosophy of mutual respect and integrity. We create lasting memories for our clients by offering them a selection of incomparable courtesans, and exceptional, personalized service.

Why spend time with a high-level courtesan? The reasons are obvious… They are comparable to the reasons why you might go to an exclusive restaurant for dinner. For our high-society clientele, a highclass courtesan is rather a necessity than a negligible luxury.

With our agency, you have found one of the best agencies in Europe; we make no empty promises and always provide perfect service. Our escort models work under excellent conditions, with selected clientele. Accordingly, only the best models and courtesans work for our agency.

We offer you 100% guaranteed quality: if the model you have selected isn't as charming as you expected her to be, you can tell her (within the first 15 minutes of your meeting) that she isn't the person you imagined her to be and we'll exchange the model or cancel the date at no cost to you.

Jessica, our agency